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A caffeine dependent life form who was born at a very young age, should have been an astrophysicist and can be bribed with crispy bacon and Belgian chocolate.

Trying to Kintsugi Life

Singing in the shower is fun until you taste the soap

Bubbles easily burst, but every now and then, you’ll find a stubborn one that refuses to pop, no matter how hard you pinch it . | Photo by on

I remember watching soap operas when I was in high school. I knew it was empty amusement but back when there was no internet to lead you down a rabbit hole for hours on end, watching the unbelievable antics of crazy psychopaths and cunning schemers was the epitome of cliffhanger entertainment, leaving you hanging, mouths agape, desperate for another fix the next day. How could real life ever be anything close to the absurdity of this fictitious dramatised life of seemingly normal people, your average Joe and Jane? …

Game of Themes: Musical Leitmotifs for the Screen

Season 1: From a Forgotten House to a Mother of Dragons!

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In Game of Themes we have a closer look at how composers, through their scores, represent characters, ideas or situations in moving pictures.

The Game of Thrones Theme is the theme that viewers hear over the opening or the main title credits. Except for the pilot episode where we have a prologue first, every episode of Season 1 starts with the main title.

In its basic setting, the theme is composed in C minor or Cm. Although it starts in this key, the beginning riff shifts to its parallel key C major after only a few measures into the piece. In Western music is the most basic key signature; there are no flats and no sharps. …

Trying to Kintsugi Life

They, Too, Are a Loss

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Today is Mother’s Day where I am, and on this particular one, I am ready. To talk about it. Almost a decade ago I kept a self-hosted blog that I never shared with anyone. I used it to vent my frustration, my anger, and my utter despair. Tears still well up when I read what I wrote; I was in a very dark place.

I am so very angry. I feel like throwing everything I can get my hands on, smashing things and crushing them into walls. Hurling all the porcelain and glass and hear it break into a thousand…

Trying to Kintsugi Life

I Hope One Day You Will Understand

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Yesterday, I found myself slowly walking down to my sixteen-square meter studio apartment after work. Once again, you were being kept from me that day. But I managed to catch a glimpse of all three of you, even though you didn’t see me. It made me feel a little defiant and just that short glimpse, even from a while away, filled my heart.

But as I was walking and the car you were seated in passed by in the distance, tears started streaming down my face. I’ve been crying myself to sleep most nights and sometimes I wonder where those…

Book Review

“Your lack of fear is based on your ignorance.”

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I have to admit, I hardly know anything about China. Sure I touched its history and culture during my time at university, but maybe I only know as much about the Cultural Revolution and its aftermath as I know about the consequences of : what if one needs to go through a horribly detrimental and self-inflicted disaster before one can perhaps move to understand the errors of their ways and decide to take a more enlightened path?

Equally frightening and very much in line with the tone of The Three-Body Problem is the relative ease of my comparison…

Although it almost took me three months to read ’s first science fiction novel Children of Time, I cannot give it any other than the maximum rating because of its big ideas and final message.

External factors in my life might have taken my attention away from the book more than I have intended, though I do have to admit that even with taking this out of the equation, I found it a little hard to get into the plot and story through the first few chapters. I am not particularly fond of spiders, which might have been a…

What meager resources they have to offer us are not worth the risk posed by allowing such an unstable element into our shared space. The GC has already spent too much on helping this minor species to escape the hardships they brought upon themselves. I ask you, what benefit is there in making Humans one of us? If not resources, or knowledge, or military strength… then what?

Even though the above quote from The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet is what struck me the most while reading, it is so very much not reflective of the book. As…

I turned to a sci-fi orientated subreddit to help me decide on which book to read next. I very much wanted to finally take on Neal Stephenson’s work and people tend to have a strong opinion about him, so I wanted to make sure I was introduced to his writing with the right book. Settling on Snow Crash, I remember wincing slightly when I found out the name of the heroic protagonist Hiro Protagonist. It took me about two pages into the book to understand Stephenson’s choice and happily settle with his unequivocal satire and sarcasm.

“Wait a minute, Juanita…


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